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1 larryelford honesty, accountability, and responsibility must come with the position of finance minister
2 KaraMacRae All financial crime and corruption in Canada must be investigated. If we can not trust those in the position of Financial Ministry in this country to lead, where does this leave us the victims of this crime and corruption?
3 DarrenMacRae Keep up the good work Larry.
4 CherieGarratt  
5 JenLee  
6 Robert MParkyn The public should be madce aware of the situation oulined in The above petition. Robert Parkyn
7 GordonElford  
8 kenkivenko Regualtory exemptions rarely are in the public interest.
9 DanBraniff We are nearing the tipping point. Canadians deserve retirement security with fairness
10 JohnReynolds I am the author of The Naked Investor and am working on a book to draw attention to the near-total lack of transparency regarding industry/government relationships on this matter.
11 marilynhaggart action is needed.
12 TaylorLedden  
13 GloriaHutton As an investor who has dealt with the regulatory bodies I am only to willing to sign this petition. Thank you.
14 sylviogagnon I wholeheartedly agree with this petition. Honest accountability is demanded by Canadians from our politicians at all levels. For the last four years I have been denied answers to my legitimate questions regarding an economic fraud in which I was victim.
15 JuleWebb  
16 WilliamHaydo  
17 DonaldJackson As Quebec seems to be the White collar crime capital I hope this will impact all of Canada. P.S. DPM class action still in the courts 10 years what a Quebec farc.!!!
18 DuaneFrerichs  
19 JamesLindamood As an investor in Ontario who has been wronged by similar dishonest actions, I insist that your ministry clean up its act
20 john edwarddetoro this is long overdue I hope it is accepted by all J.E. Detoro
21 TonyCrivaro  
22 MargaretGregg  
23 KarlProude Don,t we all look so honest..And they wonder why we give up desire to vote. Rich get richer,,
24 TomSchmidt  
25 ChristianJOLIVET Mechanisms must be put in place to make unscrupulous or negligent investment advisors accountable for their obvious mistakes...as it is for any other professional. Re- the 2008 crash, they all knew too well the risks they were taking.
26 Dave A.Sebastian We desperately require accountability in the Alberta Securities. The current finance minister should resign if this criteria is not met immediately.
27 E. B.Cunningham we deserve better!!
28 W.J. (Jack)Elliott  
29 stanbuell  
30 LelaMartens  
31 WayneHawthorne When can we expect a public inquiry into the permitted sale of toxic assets? When can we expect laws that will protect citizens against this crimal white collar crime that is currently allowed by the Province of Alberta?
32 ChrisHooymans stop the scams, jail the scammers.
33 BruceRoutledge Kudos to Larry for having the courage and determination for taking on this evil-like industry.
34 JohnUsselman  
35 everetttanis keep up the good work. thank you lerry
36 Anne W.Tanis  
37 GrantScott  
38 williamormandy we have to take action for what is happening in the investment industry. we need one regulator with teeth to oversee all of the prov. regulators.
39 LanceMcleod  
40 PaulIgnacik wake up people !
41 OviZ. Don't delay action madame!
42 iodigickuttiodigickutt  
43 MariaLavoie